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We were very sorry to hear about an accident that occurred a few days ago to an operator in Wisconsin (USA). We understand that the operator is being taken care of by medical professionals and wish him a speedy recovery, and we are following the developments.  

This recent accident is currently being investigated by us, our dealer All Access Equipment as well and by OSHA, in order to understand the dynamics and the real causes. 

As specialists in the production of platforms, we design, test, and manufacture machines whose aim is to preserve the safety of the operators in every way and allow them to use the machine in optimal conditions.

Safety and quality are at the core of our operation, proven by numerous annual tests, thousands of hours of engineering per machine, quality controls on every single structural part, and several international certifications such as TÜV, ISO, CEE and AS/NZS 1418.10-2011 +  A1-2017, just to name a few, that come with every single CMC platform.

With safety in mind, we also recommend that operators follow the technical instructions, guidelines, and warnings given in the owner’s manual and on the machines themselves.

Our recommendations are therefore always aimed to respect the technical instruction of our machines and to abide by the daily requirements of ANSI/SAIA A92.22 and  A92.24 operator and or equipment requirements. 

At this time we are contacting our customers in the USA to make sure that they carry out the inspection on their machines to verify their condition and so to prevent owners from operating a lift under potentially dangerous conditions.

We are aware that most of our customers use our equipment in the correct way, respecting the rules of safety, training and maintenance (this is confirmed by the integrity of the structures found in almost all the Virtual Inspections carried out so far), however we have decided to put in place a series of actions to verify and prevent possible cases of structural damage due to improper use of our machines that we report here:

  1. Publication of a TSB – Technical Service Bulletin addressed to owners and users on how to carry out a free non-mandatory update on the upper boom of S25/83HD+. The TSB reminds owners and users to inspect and document their aerial lifts carefully, on a daily basis, as required by OSHA. This upgrade is intended to put an end to customer concerns about the structural integrity of their equipment, despite the fact that our equipment is already safe when used properly. This update is in no way intended to promote, encourage, or justify improper use of the platforms but intended to reassure CMC‘s presence and support for its customers.
  2. We have created a dedicated customer service for all CMC S25/83HD+ owners to invite them to inspect their platform. Having detected several cases of lack of inspection and maintenance of the equipment, we consider it reasonable to urge customers to carry out the structural integrity checks required by OSHA Regulations as spelled out on ANSI/SAIA A92.22 (Point 5.5 – Pre-start inspection) on a daily basis, in order to prevent possible problems and to make sure users are aware of the importance of this required procedure. 
  1. CMC and All Access Equipment have set up an online portal where users can share photos of their equipment with CMC’s specialist technicians, in order to evaluate the usage status and ensure efficiency and safety. This tool offers users the opportunity to resolve doubts and concerns about the structural integrity of their equipment as quickly as possible, but does not to replace the periodic Safety Inspection as required by ANSI/SAIA A92.22. (Points 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4,  5.5 and 5.6) required by International and Local Regulations. 
  1. Deployment of an awareness and information campaign on the safe use of equipment to raise awareness and inform the entire lifting industry about the proper uses for elevating platforms, in order to support users and avoid accidents caused by incorrect and unsafe uses of elevating platforms.
  1. Updating the booms of all platforms in production, in order to reassure existing and potential customers about CMC‘s attention to events that cause concern to users in our industry. We would like to repeat that our products have been tested and are safe when used appropriately; however, we have decided to perform these updates to address any doubts our customers may have about the structural integrity of their equipment, as per ANSI/SAIA A92.20.
  1. In order to support our American Dealers and Service points to perform the updates in the best possible way, a specialized team of CMC’s technicians is traveling from Italy to the USA.

We hope that what happened will enlighten everyone’s attention that it’s important to make a correct use of platforms of all kinds.

We are sure that all our customers, who use CMC’s machines correctly will support us in these prevention and awareness actions. 

CMC will be always ready to act and to address their concerns and intervene when necessary.

Again we thank you for attention and consideration. 

CMC  has and always will relentlessly continue to provide high quality and safe aerial work platforms.


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