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Self Control System by CMC


Learn more about CMC's Automatic Driver

If the future is moving towards the automation of guidance and control systems, it can be said that with its Self Control System, CMC is well ahead of its time. Through a careful analysis of the typical problems of aerial platform users, CMC's Research and Development department has designed and perfected over the years what could be defined today as a true "automatic pilot" that can be relied on with closed eyes for the correct use of its aerial platforms.

Fitted as standard on the CMC models:

  • CMC S19HD
  • CMC S22HD
  • CMC S23
  • CMC S25
  • CMC S28
  • CMC S32 
  • CMC S41

the Self Control System by CMC is able to carry out a series of operations of fundamental importance for the operator independently by pressing a single control: first and foremost the stabilisation/closure of the base on any type of terrain.  

Even the movements of the telescopic boom take place under the careful supervision of this impeccable electronic assistant, capable of maintaining the "due distances" from the wall during the joystick-operated lifting and lowering operations. And that's not all: when the work is finished, the Self Control System by CMC automatically closes the aerial part, making even these last operations much faster, simpler and safer. In addition, the system detects all possible malfunctions by providing the relevant error code on the display and makes it possible to activate, on request, a remote control system on any smartphone for troubleshooting, sensor calibration and the loading of any software updates. 

The new integrated and advanced CMC'S patent S.C.S. - Self Control System raises the bar in safety, speed of operation, and simplicity.
The benefits of the CMC'S S.C.S. are all about the automatic lift self-leveling, monitoring its distances, assuring it is platform safety, in order to reduce your “wasted time” maneuvering your working platform.
With the CMC's S.C.S. you can now save more time focusing on lifting your profit and achieving a higher R.O.I. from your fixed assets. 

DISCOVER THE RANGE OF Self Control System by CMC


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